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Designing event graphics and marketing materials for the "Intern Speaker Series" to increase event attendance and engagement
Jan - April 2019
HR Branding & Events Intern
What I did
Graphic Design
Event Marketing
Brand Identity
The task →

As Discovery's HR Branding & Events Intern, I worked with the HR department to market the Intern Program internally and externally.

During Spring 2019, I designed event graphics and marketing materials for Discovery's Intern Program. One of my major tasks was marketing the Intern Speaker Series. I had complete ownership of the event's branding and design, from concept to delivery. I also used my graphics to create internal Workplace and email marketing campaigns.
Selected graphics for the Intern Speaker Series
Background →

The Intern Speaker Series

My team at Discovery planned and hosted the Intern Speaker Series, in which interns had the opportunity to speak with prominent Discovery executives, creatives, and even television personalities (!!) and learn about their professional journeys.

Events were both in-person and remote, as interns were scattered across NYC, LA, Knoxville, Silver Springs, and Miami. My goal was to encourage Discovery's interns to participate and stay engaged with the Intern Program's events throughout the semester.

As interns didn't have ample opportunity to get to know one another (NYC alone had 3 different offices!), I also hoped to build a sense of community amongst my fellow interns and encourage them to get to know one another.

Branding and design

In order to spark online engagement and physical attendance, I wanted the design to appear playful, eye-catching, and overall, friendly! As each speaker hailed from a different brand within Discovery (i.e. Food Network, Animal Planet), I also wanted to incorporate the brand personalities of each platform.

I used separate color palettes and visual motifs for each graphic, hoping to give each event a sense of character. However, I wanted the series to have a sense of cohesion, so I used consistent typography and visual hierarchy across all graphics.

The outcome

Throughout the semester, each event brought out more and more interns (an attendance growth of ~32%), despite the interns' very busy schedules. Of course, free food helped make the events more enjoyable as well!

I learned so much from my team at Discovery, and left feeling re-invigorated about graphic design and its role in engagement and creating enjoyable experiences for audiences.

Selected Work

You can find more of my work below.